Moto G5S Plus Thailand
Online & Offline Campaign

Let’s get excited about:
One of the world’s first smartphones with true double 16MP lens, the Moto G5S features f/2.0 exposure, HD 1080p VDO mode, an epic battery life, and super-fast 15-minute turbo charging.
For the Thailand launch, we collaborated with The Voice Thailand winner, Wan Thanakrit, and roamed the streets of Bangkok from Siam day to Yaowarat night to test the G5S camera and long battery life.
With its 3.5 million YouTube views in 72 hours and a high completion rate, our viral video tells the story of how real people with real lifestyles and a content-packed delivery can make a true connection in a value-driven world.
Project work scope:
Our work scope for the launch campaign included pre-launch still and motion teasers, online video ad, YouTube, cinema, OOH, BTs, key visuals, and exclusive content.